"I Have an FHA, Can I Buy a Second Property with a Conventional Loan?"

Real estate continues to be one of the best ways to grow wealth and create financial stability. And that’s true for both single property owners and multi-property owners.

In fact, that’s one reason why the government insures certain home loans: they understand that owning property brings financial freedom for all who reside in the US. 

One of the most popular government-backed loans is an FHA loan, and it’s specifically geared for lower-income or lower credit individuals. However, homeowners with FHA loans are likely to move up the income bracket and find themselves now able to get an investment property. 

If this sounds like you, congratulations! You are living the American dream!

Since an FHA loan cannot be used to buy an investment property, a conventional is typically the answer for buying a second property. But there may be a caveat: can you get a conventional loan for an investment property if you have an FHA loan for your home? 

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Why This Can Be A Potential Problem

Given that FHA loans are typically for borrowers who may be less financially stable, some lenders may be hesitant to greenlight financing a second property.  

Understanding this, know that the lender will look at your finances closely to ensure that you will be able to maintain both loans and not overtax your finances. Your income, length at your job, and any new debt will be analyzed even further than it probably was the first time around. 

Even if the second property is for commercial purposes, you must still prove that you can support the second mortgage without the additional income it may bring.

Proving Eligibility

Your eligibility is largely based on your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio, and most lenders will reject a DTI ratio above 43%. If your DTI is higher than this, then the first step is to lower your DTI before applying for a second loan. This is most effectively achieved by paying down debt. 

Your credit score is also factor in qualifying for a second loan –even more so than when you qualified for an FHA loan! While FHA loans allow for less than perfect credit, a conventional loan for a second home has more strict requirements. A 720 or higher credit score should be your benchmark to qualify for a second loan.

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